Registration Steps for the Minsk half marathon

Registration includes 5 easy steps.

Step 1:

  • You need to create a personal account (provided if you had not created it before and had not participate at the Minsk Half Marathon)
  • if you have already created a personal account, in the window that opens enter your e-mail and password and proceed to step 3
  • the buttons "Authorize" and "login to my account" are located in the upper right corner of the page

Step 2:

  • to create a personal account, go to the section "Authorize". In the window that opens, fill in all the necessary fields in LATIN LETTERS (any spelling is possible, but it is desirable to specify as in the passport). Note that if you wish you can attach your photo to the profile of your personal account

Step 3:

  • in order to become a participant of the Minsk Half Marathon, you need to click on the "registration" button in the top menu bar and choose one of its forms — personal or team
  • further description (steps) is relevant for personal registration

Step 4:

  • in the "Personal registration" window that opens you should fill in all the necessary fields in LATIN LETTERS (any spelling is possible, but it is desirable to specify as in the passport)
  • if you fall under one of the categories of benefits and want to run a distance of 5.5 km for free, then tick the box "Exempt fr om payment"
  • pay attention to the column "taking into account time/without taking into account time". If you want to run with a chip at distances of 10.5 and 5.5 km (ie, the results of the race, you will be able to find out your result and place in the ranking among all participants), then choose "taking into account the time". On 21.097 km registration "taking into account time" is obligatory
  • in the column "City" indicate the actual city of residence
  • after filling in all the fields, you click on the "register" button and automatically get to your personal account

Step 5:

You can pay for registration through your personal account in two ways:
  • credit card (it is important that it is connected 3D-Secure, without this function there can be a problem when paying). In your personal account, you choose to pay by credit card and in the window that opens, fill in all the necessary fields. After the procedure is completed, a confirmation of registration will be sent to your e-mail
  • By the ERIP system. If you sel ect this option, the window that opens will indicate "payment with this number is in processing" and almost immediately a message from the payment system will come to your mail with detailed instructions and details for payment for participation in the Minsk half marathon

After completion of all procedures you will be assigned a starting number of the participant within two days. It will appear in your personal account.

You can find all the necessary information about the issuance of starting packages of participants in the "Information" tab.

See you at the Minsk Half Marathon!