Distance by distance! Record by record we are moving towards the finish line, which will sum up the full results of the Minsk Half Marathon 2020(1)! It was the sixth most massive sports race in the country, which, of course, will leave a pleasant and memorable imprint in the life of each participant! Smiles, enthusiastic exclamations, happiness and joy in the eyes of runners are the companions of today's event. The Minsk Half Marathon has long been entrenched in the life of running enthusiasts and one of the September Sundays is always marked as the red day of the calendar! Two-year training, what each participant has trained for a long time of training - was demonstrated today. And we want to share with you the results of those who managed to climb the podium on this day!

At 9:00, the Minister of Sports and Tourism Sergey Kovalchuk launched two distances of our event - 10.55 and 21.1km, and the chairman of the Minsk City Executive Committee Evgeny Kukharev sent the participants of the 5.5km race to the distance. This year we started with restrictions on the number of runners - 3,000 people at longer distances, because the pandemic has made significant adjustments to the life of everyone living on planet Earth. 4,000 people competed for the awards at the shortest distance - 5.5 km, and they started at 11:45.

It is worth noting that traditionally BMW cars, which are provided by the official auto partner of the event, Autoidea LLC, drive our athletes.

It's time to introduce you to the results at each of the distances.

21,1 km - Half Marathon 


1st place - Vitaly Shafar - 1:04:15 (Ukraine)

2nd place - Bogdan Semenovich - 1:04:28 (Ukraine)

3rd place - Nikolay Yakimchuk - 1:05:10 (Ukraine)


1st place - Nina Savina - 1:14:37 (Belarus)

2nd place - Marina Domantsevich - 1:15:15 (Belarus)

3rd place - Svetlana Sanko - 1:19:16 (Belarus)

10,55 km


1st place - Alexander Sanko - 33:08 (Belarus)

2nd place - Ilya Karnaukhov - 33:26 (Belarus)

3rd place - Pavel Nebyt - 33:55 (Belarus) 


1st place - Olga Kaminskaya - 40:11 (Belarus)

2nd place - Maya Tonkikh - 42:02 (Belarus)

3rd place - Vera Vinogradova - 42:57 (Russia)

5,5 km 


1st place - Vladislav Tereshonok - 16:41 (Belarus)

2nd place - Vadim Starostenko - 16:53 (Belarus)

3rd place - Igor Teteryukov - 17:38 (Belarus) 


1st place - Anastasia Dedikova - 24:51 (Belarus)

2nd place - Natalia Gapon - 26:13 (Belarus)

3rd place - Dina Sakhanovich - 26:38 (Belarus)