And is Dynamo running? We run in Dynamo! 2-1-0-start!

And is Dynamo running? We run in Dynamo! 2-1-0-start! 08.07.2020

The public association Belarusian Athletics Federation and National Olympic Stadium Dynamo are not slowing down the pace and they have many supporters. What is 21 for the runners – the half marathon. What is June 21 this year for Dynamo National Olympic Stadium – two years from the date of its opening. On June 21, 2020 65 jogging fans from different regions of Belarus gathered at Dynamo National Olympic stadium for the open running workout. 

 They had a tour on the sport heart of our capital, and then they met the Director General of Dynamo National Olympic Stadium Alexander But-Gusaim:

 - We welcome you all at our Olympic Stadium. We are glad that the joint workout will take place here and we want to have you as our guests here as much as possible. As a pleasant surprise, we will draw a lottery today among the participants for a few stadium passes. May the jog be with you. 

The Secretary General of the public association Belarusian Athletics Federation Veronica Gres:

 - I think that this running workout will be a successful step on the way of preparation to the main running event of this year – Minsk Half Marathon, as we will run very soon down the main streets of the city. I want to invite you all, sign in, let us run together and make 42 thousand new running victories. In addition, Vadim Anatolyevich Devyatovskiy, the Chairman of the Belarusian Athletics Federation, sends his greetings, wishes health to everyone and to be light on the feet. 

 Twice European Champion of the 2018 Marathon, multiple Minsk Half Marathon winner, Olympic participant Olga Mazuronok:

 - I am happy to be here today with you all and it’s a pleasure to see the participants in good health. Stay healthy and see you at Minsk Half Marathon! The half-hour jogging workout in the stadium cauldron, awarding three stadium passes to visit Dynamo stadium for jogging, playing basketball, streetball, volleyball and tennis, a picture with Derzayka and Olga Mazuronok are a perfect Sunday jogging cocktail. And may the jog be with you!