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History and tradition

"It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves."

Sir Edmund Hillary

Minsk Half Marathon is a young event. The first competition was held in 2013 during the celebration of the Minsk City Day. This experience was successful and it was decided to make it a traditional event during the Minsk City Day, the second weekend of September.

Therefore, on this day we also celebrate the festival of sport and health – Minsk Half Marathon.

The year of 2013 marked the first edition of Minsk Half Marathon, for the first time those who were interested came out if not to participate, but at least to support the brave runners. In 2015, the decision was made to make the event bright, colorful, and most importantly – traditional. Ever since, Minsk City Day is marked not only as the city’s anniversary, but also as the day of the celebration of sports and health. Tens of thousands of professionals or those who simply love running come out to central streets of Minsk for this amazing event.

That specific year, 2015, became the year when the event gained its true popularity within the mass audience. Official data reports that 16000 of participants came out to run at the event, unofficial data reports that number as high as 19000. In 2016, that number grew to 20000, in 2017 there were 30000 runners on the course, and in 2018 – 35000, in 2019- 40000 participants from 68 countries! It is now more accessible to enter the country thanks to the newly introduced visa-free regime for all tourists coming to Belarus through the National airport for 30 days or less, which definitely makes the race more attractive to foreign athletes. Minsk Half Marathon became an annual celebration of healthy lifestyle and you can always expect to have a lot of fun. Every year the race receives thousands of positive messages both from professional runners and from organizers of major sports events all over the world. The main proof of Minsk Half Marathon’s high quality is that the race has the IAAF Bronze Standard then receiving the IAAF Silver Standard in the near future. Getting to see the main streets and avenues of Minsk as you make your way through the course, enjoying the most famous attractions of our capital, and having a chance to see the city from a different perspective are only a few of the reasons to participate in the race. Getting an exclusive medal at the finish line is a wonderful bonus as well!

With utmost respect,
Belarus Athletic Federation.

See you September 13!

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