Vadim Devyatovskiy: Doing morning exercises: light jogging, push-ups, plank


The next training session of the Dream Team for the "Minsk Half-Marathon" turned out to be particularly intense.

This time the warm-up was conducted by the Falcon Club fitness coaches-instructors Ksenia Deryabina and Marina Medvedkova. The tempo and seriousness of exercises were impressive. On a run the participants of the star team came out pretty foaming. But as a result everyone liked it. Including beginners. For example, Doctor of Economy, the rector of the Belarusian State University of Physical Culture Sergey Repkin.

- I am an acting judge of the international category in handball. But our season ended in May. Two months passed without the usual loads. In August and September, we will pass qualification, so I'm just starting to get in shape right now, - says Sergey Repkin. - A year ago I participated in the "Minsk Half-Marathon", ran 5 kilometers. But I was not in optimal condition then, so now I need to improve.

- What are your impressions of the Dream Team?

- Great. Previously, I was particularly busy, it was not possible to come. I begin to get acquainted with the team. I really want to practice, move, because there was a lot of workload, basically in a sitting position. Although I occasionally run around the house. I also like to ride a bike. Last year we bought bikes for the whole family and often go to Minsk parks.

The head of the BAF Vadim Devyatovskiy spent last weeks at the European Athletic Championships, but did not lose shape.

- I keep myself in shape. I do morning exercises: light jogging, push-ups, plank - 30 years in sports do not pass for nothing. Of course, it's hard to combine everything with everyday routine, there is very little time. But I understand that it is hundred times harder to get in shape , it is better to keep it up.

- Is it already known what will be the prize fund of the "Minsk Half-Marathon"?

- It won't be less than last year (25 thousand dollars). There are suppositions that there will be new partners. Then the fund will be increased. Elite runners from Ethiopia and Kenya, who want to compete for the jackpot, already go to us.

- How does registration go on?

- Good. Already more than 40 countries, 100 settlements of Belarus. A total of about 5 - 6 thousand. This is more than same period last year. As I said before, the peak itself will be two weeks before the start as usual. People here like to postpone everything for later.

The Dream Team coach, master of sports in athletics Ekaterina Kornienko watches as her wards progress:

- The girls are in a fighting mood. They want to increase each training session. Men also withstand any kind of training. At the moment they have already started independent training: not only on Thursdays they run all together, but individually.

- You have probably determined for each target coaching zones?

Almost everybody has same level of readiness. Everyone knows his pulse developing zone (about 130 beats per minute) and focuses on it. At the end of the run we always measure the pulse. Today, everybody had it within the intended boundaries.

- There are ministers, presidential assistents, businessmen, and media people in the team. Is it difficult to train such famous people?

- For me, there is no problem. This is training - here all are equal.

- Who is the most prepared of your wards?

- Renatas Nachajus, the head of the Falcon Club. The first time I saw him, I immediately took note of his shape. Ivan Podrez is functionally well-prepared. There is Victoria Sienkiewicz, who can sometimes skip our training, but is always in good shape. She will never show that she is tired. Although I watch closely - it's still necessary to control the load.

Ekaterina Kornienko: " This is training - here all are equal".

Photo by: Svetoslav ZORKI