Dream Team Continues to Prepare for the Minsk Half-Marathon



Minsk Half-Marathon 2017 is getting closer, which means that preparations are in full swing. The third training session of the star Dream Team was held at the general partner of the project of the Belarus Athletic Federation - the sports and entertainment complex "Falcon Club". Today our participants have once again checked their strengths and continued to move towards the set goals.

Also, for the first time last year's participants - Ivan Podrez, TV anchorman and showman, and Marina  Zolotova, the editor-in-chief of the Belarusian portal TUT.BY, followed by Dream Team newcomers  - GIBB Fionna, Ambassador of Great Britain in the Republic of Belarus, and  SANKOVICH Ksenia - Silver and Bronze  winner of the Olympic Games, European Champion, Honored Master of  Sports of the Republic of Belarus in rhythmic gymnastics joined training sessions.

Ivan Podrez shared his impressions of his first run with Dream  Team this year:

- Participation in the Dream Team last year seems to have caught me for a long time. Then I, in fact, normal for amateur ran 10km and was  extremely pleased with myself. And I wanted to continue! Periodically ran in the fall of the 16th   up to 15 km. In the winter - a break. In the spring - again in the battle, that is, run.  At the end of April I defeated 21 km. Then another forced break. And here again - Dream Team. It's very cool to train with a professional coach.  Efficiency immediately increases. On September 10 I will run 21 km. And I know I will! 

Ksenia  Sankovich - Silver and Bronze  winner of the Olympic Games, European Champion, Honored Master of Sports of the Republic of Belarus in rhythmic gymnastics:

 - After the completion of a career and a short rest, you begin to feel athletic hunger. I had already planned to start running. This is the best type of loading. I kept postponing my studies, but now I have a goal: I want to participate in the half marathon. I'm very happy to be part of the team. It's great that a team of like-minded people of different professions, united by one goal is being formed. After training you want to do something very true like making a healthy dinner. What a thrill! I really missed these feelings! Our coaches told us that if something hurts, then everything is in order, and you are alive, and we continued to work on. For me, running is a challenge and overcoming myself, as well as being able to feel alive. I hope that participation in this Minsk half-marathon will be only the beginning! 

See you next Thursday and continue to prepare for the start on September 10!