Healthy Lifestyle of the Minister of Health: I cannot say that I will give my life for the sweet, as it was before


«Ten thousand steps — and win a dinner» —  this is the concept of the Minister of Health Valeriy Malashko. The physical load for the head of the Ministry of Health is not only walking, but also swimming and running. Now he is preparing for his first start in the Minsk half-marathon. Meeting Valeriy Malashko at the Dream Team training, GO.TUT.BY could not help asking him about healthy habits.  


About 10 thousand steps a day

If during the day I worked more in the office, then in the evening I try to catch up with these 10 thousand steps. I had a fitness bracelet I actually gave back. I started   to count the daily load, because I have a new job, and the working time in the office has significantly increased. Now the load is lined up.

For me, movement is walking, running, swimming. I try to get to the pool twice a week, although time does not always allow. I used to play football (at the amateur level), but when I broke my leg, playing sports for me were closed. This is excitement, you turn into a boy, and you try to be the first and, unfortunately, do not always measure this passion with your physical preparation.

I run, but I do not specify certain kilometers. It is based solely on the state of health. So I don’t know yet how much I will do on the Minsk half-marathon. I have to measure my strength. This is the first distance for me. Vadim Devyatovsky (Chairman of the Belarus Athletic Federation - GO.TUT.BY’s  note ) urged me for half a year.

About food restrictions and love of marshmallows

I have a favorite product - Bobruisk marshmallow, but in general I limit myself to sweet.  While you are young you want sweets. At my age (the minister was born in 1966. - GO.TUT.BY ‘s note) I want too, but I cannot say that I will give my life for the sweet, as it was before.

I try to eat less fat food, minimum of sausages and smoked meats. Salt is one of our main enemies. Recent studies have shown that Belarusians eat about 12 grams of salt at a rate of 5 grams. Our arterial hypertension because of this.

2-3 cups of coffee in the morning is a necessity for me. Breakfast is light: an egg, unsweetened yogurt, coffee without bread.  I choose lunch from the canteen menu: salad, vegetable soup (cholodnik and okroshka are absolutely suitable), meat, buckwheat porridge or stewed cabbage - quite enough.

About the dream to walk to work

I try to go to bed at 11 pm, and get up the last 20 years at 5.45 in the morning. I'm a "lark", in the morning my working capacity is higher, and I scan the main documents in the morning. But in terms of physical activity I behave like an "owl": in the mornings I endure it with difficulties.

The work is difficult, but not monotonous. You constantly switch, constantly communicate with different people. It's hard for me without this communication. On Sunday (on Saturdays Valery Malashko works - GO.TUT.BY's note) I need to put myself in order, pay attention to the family, and iron suits. My wife washes shirts, and I iron the suits myself, so we do it in our family.

I always had a dream to walk to work. In Mogilev, our apartment was in the center, and these 10 minutes I walked   with great pleasure. In Minsk it does not work out, but on the day off I go to the center for a walk.

I'm a choleric by nature, and I've always had a mobile lifestyle. Fortunately, Belarusians as a whole have become more active. This is confirmed both by research and by my personal feelings. Among my friends are completely different people: doctors, teachers, science workers. I see how they spend their weekends and vacations: people began to travel more often, pay more attention to the family.

Valery Malashko on Dream Team Minsk Half-Marathon training session— 2017. Photo by Dzmitry Brushko, TUT.BY

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